New pen: TROPHY

The common theme among all the objects available under the RSW brand is the fact that they belong to the highly coveted world of products of character which are developed on the basis of an outstanding concept. The new TROPHY pen definitely obeys this rule. Its concept is simple and sound: TROPHY is a pen which can be used with your eyes closed! Its design is highly contemporary and its ergonomics are exceptional, but what makes it really special is the ingenious double clip system at the top of the pen. In the open position, the clips close, making it impossible to attach the pen to your pocket. No more awful ink stains! In the closed position, the double clips allow you to attach the pen in its correct position! This writing instrument is available in ten versions and three different ranges. Classic range: finish in polished steel or mat steel, two-tone polished steel with gold-plated panels or polished steel with black, ivory or antique leather panels. Contemporary range: polished steel finish with panels engraved with “barleycorn”, “vertical lines” or “quilted”. Personalised range: polished steel finish, casing engraved with RSW logo and diamond setting finish. Head engraved with RSW logo – Double clip with personalisation. TROPHY is a pen which knows how to do the job! Presented fully upright in a clever luxury case, it is always ready to serve at each moment of your life. It comes with two refills, an international guarantee and instructions in two languages. Reference: P.2000 Technical characteristics: Ballpoint pen with ink reservoir – Double clip – 180° pivot system with safety position – Black ink reservoir + 2 refills – Space for engraving – RSW logo engraved on head – Double personalised clip.

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