New pen: TROPHY

The common theme among all the objects available under the RSW brand is the fact that they belong to the highly coveted world of products of character which are developed on the basis of an outstanding concept. The new TROPHY pen definitely obeys this rule. Its concept is simple and sound: TROPHY is a pen which can be used with your eyes closed! Its design is highly contemporary and its ergonomics are exceptional, but what makes it really special is the ingenious double clip system at the top of the pen. In the open position, the clips close, making it impossible to attach the pen to your pocket. No more awful ink stains! In the closed position, the double clips allow you to attach the pen in its correct position! This writing instrument is available in ten versions and three different ranges. Classic range: finish in polished steel or mat steel, two-tone polished steel with gold-plated panels or polished steel with black, ivory or antique leather panels. Contemporary range: polished steel finish with panels engraved with “barleycorn”, “vertical lines” or “quilted”. Personalised range: polished steel finish, casing engraved with RSW logo and diamond setting finish. Head engraved with RSW logo – Double clip with personalisation. TROPHY is a pen which knows how to do the job! Presented fully upright in a clever luxury case, it is always ready to serve at each moment of your life. It comes with two refills, an international guarantee and instructions in two languages. Reference: P.2000 Technical characteristics: Ballpoint pen with ink reservoir – Double clip – 180° pivot system with safety position – Black ink reservoir + 2 refills – Space for engraving – RSW logo engraved on head – Double personalised clip.

New watch: SUN DECK

This is a masculine contemporary watch, boldly designed to mirror powerful hulls cutting through the transparent waters of tropical islands. Its compact and clearly defined case with powerful and taut lines, the magnified opening providing perfect readability and the sumptuous long cover in the shape of a prow all give this watch an exceptional appearance. The way in which the surfaces have been treated, the accuracy of the assembly and the rigour of the finish will please the most demanding of watch aficionados. The sporting pragmatism of this timepiece is completed by a mechanically opening intelligent device built into the cover, cleverly protecting the control mechanism. Reference: 9410 (L Size) Technical characteristics Model registered worldwide – Swiss made – 316L mat steel case, mat or treated black gun steel sides – Progressive “light”, “medium” or “full” diamond setting – Crown at 12 o’clock, two positions, protected by a special hinged cover with spring-operated opening/closing system and built-in pushbutton – Screw-down engraved back – Water-resistant to 5 ATM – ETA quartz movement – Hour and minute hands – Second counter – Sapphire crystal – Dials with index on the following backgrounds: black, white, grey, orange, black carbon fibres or genuine white or anthracite mother-of-pearl – Available on a choice of straps: sporty calfskin with saddle stitching, gum covered with carbon fibres, classic alligator, with a folding buckle. The steel bracelet is adjustable and comes with a double security buckle. 2 year international guarantee – Individual luxury box


This new line with its bold structure is in perfect harmony with the approach of the RSW collection. An environment based on a simple and precise concept that aims to combine modern architectural sturdiness with timeless classic principles through a surprising synergy. This approach has paved the way for the square-shaped IMAGINATION, a stunning piece with clear lines and an extrovert character. An unusual steel body, reinforced by bridges that elegantly reveal part of the strap. The sides of the case are crafted to highlight the interplay of surface reflections in a highly contemporary way. This timepiece, available in two sizes, is designed for men and women who love the ambiguity typifying modern lifestyles: allow yourself to be tempted by unusual shapes with a watch that carefully preserves ergonomic features and comfort. References: M Size: 6610 L Size: 9610 Technical characteristics: Model registered and patented worldwide – Swiss made – 316L polished steel case or 316L polished steel with light, partial or complete setting of diamonds – Screw-down engraved back – Water-resistant to 3 ATM – ETA quartz movement – Hour and minute hands – Two-position crown at 3 o`clock – 3D dials with cross bridges, figures 12 & 6, 10 index on a black, white, silver, orange background or figures 12 & 6, 10 diamonds on genuine white or anthracite mother-of-pearl – Sapphire crystal – Available with calfskin, alligator or satin straps or adjustable steel strap – Folding buckle with double security. 2 year international guarantee – Individual luxury box

New watch: GOLDEN ICE

The sturdiness of this avant-garde gold watch is achieved through its transparency! As its name suggests, the subtle combination of two noble materials, gold and sapphire, has allowed the creation of this unusual contemporary object. In perfect harmony with their own vision of time, the designer has created volumes, buttresses and angular tensions, while the watchmaker has produced the spaces, reflections and precision of the workings. For the pleasure of in-the-know watch wearers, the transparent crystal gives the watch its solidity while the gold metal guarantees its elegance. This large quartz watch is available in sapphire and pink, yellow or white gold as well as in an execution combining white gold, dial and pink index. A fine alligator strap with tongue buckle or butterfly clasp in gold, maintains the timekeeper with elegance and security on the wrist. Reference: 9990 Technical characteristics: Model registered and patented worldwide – Swiss made – 18 carat gold case – Dual function sapphire crystal: reinforced protection of the dial and light-enhancing component of the case built – Crown at 3 o`clock, two positions – Screw-down engraved back – Water-resistant to 3 ATM – ETA quartz movement – Hour and minute hands – Dial with aerial indexing system – Sapphire and pink N5, yellow N3 or white gold case – Execution with white gold case and pink index – Available with alligator strap with gold clasp (pink, yellow or white) with tongue buckle or folding buckle. A set composed of the three kind of gold is available in a precious wood box. 2 year international guarantee – Individual luxury box – Individual certificate.

Watch of the Year 2015 – Tzarine finalist

The new Tzarine model has been selected among the finalists for the election of the “Watch of the year 2005”. This prize, organised by the Swiss magazine “Montres Passion”, regroups the 42 watches still in competition at this stage. All the models selected in the final will benefit from the promotion via the press magazine through a contest among the viewers through which their vote will attribute the “Public Prize”. The members of the Jury will reunite at the end of September 2005 for the final choice. All the RSW team will hold its breath until they announce the winner. The prizegiving will take place November 2nd 2005 in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Grand Prix de l`Horlogerie de Genève – Tzarine finalist

Recently selected to appear among the finalists of the “Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève” in the category “design watch”, the new product Tzarine does not leave anybody indifferent! It is an exclusive model registered worldwide, Swiss Made, with a stainless steel case 316L or stainless steel with diamond setting, composed of one watch-part waterproof to 3 ATM and an articulated cover with diamond setting closing. Extra strong crystal, integrated two positions crown and Swiss quartz movement, this wonderful jewellery-watch has all the assets concluding to success! Tzarine is available with black, grey, genuine white mother of pearl, or “rainbow” dials and leather or satin bracelets with interchangeable system and double security buckle.